Resume Editing Service

Are you getting any replies with the resume you’ve been sending for the last few weeks? Are you sure if employers are even reading your resume? In order to make your resume bring you a job interview opportunity, your resume needs to catch an attention from potential employers. They see hundreds, maybe thousands, of resumes from people just like you. Your resume needs to stand out from the crowd and appeal your skills, knowledge and experiences that exactly the employer look for.
We have a proven record of success in landing executives, professionals and newly graduates a job interview. Shine Canada’s resume editing services not only ensure you a job interview opportunity, but also our one-on-one intensive counselling will motivate you and give you a momentum. You can be positive for recruiting and gain confidence in yourself, which significantly helps you step forward.
For any professional, executive, or entry-level position, we make a strategy and customize your resume to exactly target the position you apply for. Focused on producing a clear and compelling resume, our resume editing services help put you ahead of other candidates, so you can secure the opportunity to open the door of the next interview.
Shine Canada’s resume editing works for you;
Stand out from the crowd
Grab recruiters’ attention
Land an interview opportunity

To date, we have coached over 300 professionals and newly grads, and facilitated over 50 workshops in Canada and Asia. In addition to resume editing service, Shine Canada also offers top-quality job interview training and cover letter editing service.


Shine Canada’s Resume Editing Process

Step 1  – Send your resume to us at


Step 2 – Schedule one-on-one counselling. At the counselling, we ask you about your career goals, achievements, leadership experiences and more, in order to make your resume attractive and increase your chance of getting an interview opportunity for the position you are looking for. If you cannot come to our office located in Vancouver, we provide you Skype counselling according to your time zone.


Step 3 – We will edit your resume based on the counselling and send you the edited resume within 2 to 3 business days.


Step 4 – Schedule a follow-up counselling. You may have questions about the edited resume, so we will offer a follow-up counselling and explain which points are important for you to stress in your resume.


Call or E-mail us to arrange for a confidential
consultation assessment with us in our office, by phone or Skype.