Cover Letter Editing Service

Your cover letter MUST “sell” your skills, experiences, goals and aspirations to the potential employer. His needs and your strengths must match, otherwise there is no point in sending your cover letter to the employer. Yes, you have to write another cover letter every time you apply for a different job. There cannot be a general cover letter.


Shine Canada’s Cover Letter Editing Process

Step 1  – Send us the job advertisement that you want to apply for


Step 2 – Schedule an in-depth phone or Skype interview. (We will figure out the best way to make your skills, experiences and knowledge matched with the job posting and make you the ideal candidate for the job opening)


Step 3 – We will write your cover letter based on the interview and send it back to you in 2 to 3 business days.


Step 4 –  Schedule a follow-up phone or Skype interview. (You may have questions and we will answer them as well as we explain which points are important in your cover letter.)


Call or E-mail us to arrange for a confidential
consultation assessment with us in our office, by phone or Skype.