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If you are introduced by a Shine Canada’s member, please letr us know. You will get a special discount.


Career Service
Resume Editing Cover Letter Editing Job Interview Training Job Hunting Training
$120 (1 page)/ $200 (2 pages) $100 $150 $80


Special Package
Resume (1 page) + Cover Letter Editing  Resume Editing (1 page) + Job Interview
If you cannot get any job interviews within one month, we are happy to offer you a free re-editing service
Every time you get a job interview appointment, you will get a free mock interview service


Full Package
Resume Editing/ Cover Letter Editing/Job Interveiw Training/ Job Hunting Training
Shine Canada’s most recommendable service
Free Resume and Caver Letter Re-editing&Free Mock Interview Service


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consultation assessment with us in our office, by phone or Skype.